Melissa Mondschain Co-Mediation Partners

Empowering you to determine your future


Times of change require people to think differently, perhaps even creatively. They require decisions that  have long term effects on all the parties involved. It is  common for people going through divorce or family disputes to want to maintain control so they can make  decisions that are in the best interest of themselves and their children. Maintaining control is one way to lesson potential fear, confusion or uncertainty.


Mediation is one of the leading, non-court based resolution processes for solving family disputes.  Practitioners and parties that embrace the benefits of Mediation point to the retention of control, privacy, and the cost and time savings.  When faced with a court system that often makes people feel like bystanders in their own case, many have chosen to negotiate their dispute out of court, with the skilled and trained assistance of mediators.

Melissa Mondschain combines her skills and experience in mental health and business with law, and finance to mediate based on three concepts: balance, direction and resolution


Melissa  offers gender-neutral facilitation, helping to balance any power differential that might be at hand.  Her professional balance offers an invaluable perspective regarding the issues that arise in family disputes.  Finally, the comfortable and easy working relationships between Melissa and her clients allows for a harmonious resolution process, something not often felt in divorce or other family conflict.