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Melissa’s  philosophy and practice evolves from  20 plus years of experience in the fields of mental health and business. She believes that couples and families who are seeking assistance with resolving conflict are best served by a balanced and experienced approach from a professional who can draw upon a complimentary set of skills and disciplines.

It is not merely the unique delivery of her combined skills and experience that differentiates her. She believe mediation is fundamentally about helping  clients explore the range of potential agreements beyond those defined by pre-conceived ideas and expectations.

In the area of divorce mediation,  Melissa will help you determine what your end result will be. Melissa brings no preconceived ideas to the table. She firmly believes that her mediation services are not about achieving any particular result other than what the clients seek to achieve. Melissa empowers you to determine your future.

At Melissa Mondschain Mediation Partners she believe that most clients have the potential to gain the understanding and skills that can enable them to resolve future conflicts on their own.  The empowering process offers  clients a practical learning experience with concrete tools and resources that can be applied in any and all ares of their lives.

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